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To stand out in the crowd is often desirable the challenge it to do it right. The Hussain apartment in the busy Tilak Nagar area of Mysore stands out admirably.

The design team well aware  that the locality once house spacious colonial bungalows, incorporated French architecture to include four apartments without losing the feel an independent villa.  The sloped roofs and tall accentuated doric columns camouflage nicely the fact that there are independent units behind the face. Each living unit has an open plan, spacious 3 bedroom and two halls as living spaces.

The French balconies give each living unit the essential space while still maintaining the symmetry of the overall project. One can never tell if the French window is part of the villa or does it discreetly conceal the common staircase.

Is it an apartment project that looks like a villa, or a villa cleverly divided into 4 apartments. You decide!

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