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                                          "Architecture is like writing. You have to edit it over and over, so it looks effortless "         

                                                                                                                                                               -Zaha Hadid

We at Cobblestone Designs fully understand what the great Zaha Hadid meant. While Architecture resembles art in a big way, the science that is involved in designing a building is generally lost to most. While the designing of the structure taxes the creativity it is meeting the practical and comfort needs that cause the writing and the re-writing!

 Over the years we have developed our own rhythm, a mix of common sense and creativity that has resulted in our clients trusting us.


Fancy Building


Service with a Lifestyle

Modern Apartment Building


A place for Creative People

Blue Window


Our approach to building design

Understanding the requirement

The initial step is to get all appropriate data from the client with regard to the project. A point-by-point discussion that tests the client's assumption establishes the vibe for the entire undertaking. Residential or commercial, flat or villa, locality, and surroundings are a few details that the design team requires from the word go.


The site visit that follows allows for real-time understanding and gives the team first-hand knowledge about vital details. Soil type, micro-climate, neighborhood, slope & drainage factors and wind direction need to be ascertained even before the start of the design

To the drawing board

Coming up with the first draft of a new building design feels like a tug-of-war, with each different element of design pulling the draft in a different direction.

The practical design may not be stylish, that which appeals to the senses may not be Vaastu compliant, client’s tastes often collide with the designer’s preference, the weather, and geography force the design in a specific direction and even the best-laid plans come to naught when the budget is worked out.

But taming this chaos is perhaps the true test of an Architect. To help us through this maze of options is a simple mantra “Think from the user point of view!” A design that incorporates user empathy is one that is most likely going to be liked and implemented.

The design that the team thinks best is then presented to the client as a single line drawing, feedback obtained, ideas exchanged, clarifications given and sought and the process continues, like a spiral often appearing to return to the starting point but with a great deal of learning with every circuit. The spiral then covers other milestones like building elevation, structural design and detailing of the elements involved.

The CsD Touch

To make a mark on the city’s landscape is every architect’s desire. While we realize that is a grandiose goal to achieve, we try our best to ensure that our buildings catch the eye even of the casual observer. Our attempt to create beautiful spaces has culminated in a French-style bungalow in Mysore and a ‘Baradari’ in Perinthalmanna. We haven’t been able to redefine the landscape of the city yet, but we have created landmarks that have got the eye of popular Architectural journals.

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