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"An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and YOU are the Author"

                                                                                                                        -Charlotte Moss

At Cobblestone Designs, it is always about YOU!  We know that it sounds like a cheesy marketing line, but from hard experience, we have learnt that it is a mantra for a timely executed project and a happy client.

Having worked with a wide range of clients, from a nuclear family looking for a simple bedroom interior design or the villa of a globe-trotting businessman every assignment has taught us to allow our talent and training to be guided by the client's taste and preference

We typically work with private clients on room design, kitchen layout or take on the complete renovations of existing projects.

Two Story House


Service with a Lifestyle

Office Workspace


A place for Creative People

Our services include

Design Schemes

Lighting Design

Incorporating the latest in-home automation, we provide detailed electrical layout plans and creative lighting design to your home.

Converting your vision for the project into an executable checklist with the help of mood-boards, sketches and research material.

Technical Drawing

AutoCAD, Sketch-up and Renders to show your proposed design.


Specification of furniture, fittings, curtains, blinds and soft furnishing, selection of paints, tiles, wall ornaments and curios to add personality to your living spaces

Cabinetry Design

Drawings of customized cabinetry in your living, dining, and cooking spaces

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