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An ingenious Indian air conditioning system incorporating a twelve doored pavilion designed to allow free flow of air.
The residence of a doctor couple in Perinthalmanna built on a 3485 sq ft plot, pans out at different levels. While the ground floor exterior boasts of a tropical garden, the interior houses, a formal living room, a family room, two bedrooms, dining, kitchen and utility, with space left over for a pet pen and a kitchen garden. A craftily designed sub-basement allows for ample parking space
The mezzanine floor houses an entertainment room, a guest bedroom and a servant quarter. While the first floor apart from hosting two more bedrooms
It is the first floor that houses the pièce de résistance the ‘Baradari’ which opens onto the terrace, which designed to give the kids a play area, is the ideal location for a lap pool.
The interior design team left their mark as well. A Jharoka inspired wall piece found space in the dining room, while a Kashmiri tapestry with an intricately carved console spices up the arched corridor leading up to the bedrooms. A rose wood crockery shelf for those delicate piece of china while the TV niche resembles a display in a technology museum!

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