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To be approached by the renowned Ramanashree group to design a suitable cafeteria for the employees working in **** was a special day for the team at Cobblestone Designs. The Ramanashree group is well known for its chain of hotels and resorts in India and abroad. The brief was to design a cafeteria which was not a regular boring workplace cafeteria. It is essential that the cafeteria provided a change from the monotony of the workday.


Our response:- R-Café! A fully functional resto-café perched on the top floor of the building. The patron of the Café experiences a riot of colour as he enters, and panoramic view of the surrounding area not to forget sumptuous food and drink! It was indeed a delightful moment  when we were informed that R-Café is serving not just the employees of **** but also other people of the vicinity!

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